McKean/ Potter County


McKean/ Potter County

Postby Georgejr1989 » Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:40 pm

Is there any one from McKean or Potter county in here?... Im looking for a lil help from someone around my area. I want to get into the gold panning rivers and creeks. i been doin alot of research latly but havin someone to meet or just talk to thats been out and has panning experience i think wld help me out alot. thank you

Re: McKean/ Potter County

Postby PaulConroy » Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:48 pm


first off depending where out there you live if you can make it there is a meeting for this saturday for the Bald Eagle Chapter the directions are on the front page and it is a potluck type of thing where everyone brings something if they can but it is not neccessary .And as well since you are in the middle of the this chapter and the Alleghany Chapter you have your choice on which one to attend but the one for the Alleghany Chapter is on the 2nd week of the month and this is their web site .

And as far as for locations up there that have supposedly reported gold before in the past was the kress mine but going by one of the family members their grandfarther played that mine out and then sold it out as you will see be the post i have in here in on it.Marvin creek by Smethport had a few reports on it.Up around rt 449 and 49 in Gold;pa had a mine up there that found gold but that was more from a aftereffect of other mining they were doing up there like the one down in Cornwall.Phoneix run over by Gaines. and that is just to name a few of them.

if you draw a line on a map from Layfette;pa up to Bolivar in Ny state down to Wellsboro;Pa and then down to New Castle Pa is a general overview of how the glacial line sits to a degree.they have a glacial map not only in here but like the DCNR,USGS, and other sources you can find in on it.
and if you go to the post i set up in here for the gold locations that susie q had posted which is of gold locations that have been floating on line for years; and down load the microsoft strrets and trips trial and then shoot me a pm i will send you the map i made up of them for you to look at but you need that program to open the map though george for that is the program i wrote it up in.

I wish you good luck and good hunting and if you can make it see you saturday up at the meeting.
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Re: McKean/ Potter County

Postby Georgejr1989 » Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:54 am

Hey paul... im doin great. how bout you? Well one of the main reasons ive asked about anyone who lives around mckean county was to see if possibly i would be able to talk to them see if they could teach me any lil tricks they could. I just recently been researchin and tryin to learn off the internet but talkin wit sumone would really help... as for the meeting i most likely wont be able to attend right now do to the fact that i have no job rite now... they hard to come by in the area i live at and with no money right now is kinda hard to do any thing, but on the other hand if i could find someone in my area that attends the meetings i would really like to talk with them and possibly try to hook up with them for a ride down. i would really like to attend and see what and how everything is. Also as for gold bein found around smethport and the couple areas in potter county is easy travel for me where i live... smethport is on one side of the town i live in and potter county is on the other side but like i said im new to all this the only thing i know about panning and sluiceing came from the internet so i sorta still dont know exactly what im doin or anything yet... Thanks for the help tho i greatly appreciate it alot.!

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